Light Payday Loan Privacy Policy

Here at Light Payday Loan, we will respect confidentiality for the information that you will provide us with. We will take the efforts, which are extra along with to strive to comply with this privacy policy, which will enable you to have a secure and safer type of service.


You will have to be at least 18 years old to use this website and will be eligible for the rights that are legal. When using this site, you have agreed to have the information, which is provided for the company’s use. The use of this information, which is provided, can also include sharing and submission of information that is collected. You will also need a citizenship which is valid to use our services that are listed on the website. We also request that you kindly do not give your information or us the services, if there is anything in which you don’t totally agree with when you read the conditions and terms that is listed on here.

Use and Collection of Information

Here at Light Payday Loan, we will require you to give us certain financial and personal information when you are registering on our site. You will be familiarizing yourself with the services, and us right when you finish the process of registration. With registration that is successful you will have to agree completely for the transfer and use of information in which you will provide us, on the servers. Here are some of these particulars which will be collected when you register on our website:

  • Your name
  • Phone number and/or email address
  • Employment Information
  • Bank Account Information

After we collect this information, we will add many advantages when you are done. This information, which is collected, will be able to assist in providing the very best of customer assistance that is possible. With the cases of conflicts and disputes, they will be handled smoothly with the use of the information that is provided by you. The correspondence which is better will let us to make our services more focused and on time. These services will be customized to your type of needs, with your information.

The Application of the Privacy Policy

With this Privacy Policy will pertain to this information, which is gathered or submitted to this Company. The other partners who are allied with this Company might have information acquired autonomously from these experiences and dealings with other types of sources or you. With this Privacy Policy will not be applicable with the information that has been collected so far.


It of course is almost impossible to confer this security over the Internet. Our company will be well concerned with keeping all of your information very confidential as best as we can and later will make use of the many techniques of security on the site. This will ensure that you will have the protection which is complete against any type of misuse or loss of this information in which you have provided us.

Liability Limitation

You consent and understand any type of disagreement of this privacy will be liable to these conditions and terms of the privacy policy, and the conditions and terms of the site as well (this will include the limits of damages). You have consented the responsibility of the company for violation of the privacy policy will be limited to what the value is of these dealings or offered services to you by this company at the level of claims that will not be otherwise omitted from the conditions and terms.


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